Our Services

Accretive Media has been providing unmatched services to many clients for more than 6 years. Accretive Media is the go-to for many people because of its quality and highly satisfied client base.



Program Production & Broadcasting

We are a leading and professional media agency when it comes to the production, management and coordination of television shows. We understand the needs of our client and provide the services accordingly.


TV, Media and Many more

We focus on creativity while producing quality advertisements while carefully developing the strategies for marketing and promotion.

Branding and Promotion

Focus more on business.

We have deep insights on finding the appropriate media forum for the clients, all in accordance to the nature of the brand. We choose the most appropriate media platform so that the promotion of your brand reaches the right target group and makes a lasting impression.

Documentary Making

Best directed videos.

With more than half a decade in media and experience of working with the prominent personalities from a variety of sectors, we offer you the network of finest workforce from writing to pre-production, the indoor/outdoor shooting, post-production and all that a high-quality creation ask for.

More Services

Providing best services since 2011

Accretive Media has been actively focused in providing various services which include Public Service Announcements (PSA), public awareness, event management and many more.

Our Working Process

Having 6 years of experience we provide our clients with huge benefits by sponsoring us with our 2 major products that is Quiz Mania and Public Speaker Nepal. “Our approach to work begins with our attitude towards client’s feeling. We help them boost their organization rather than just earning benefits from them.”

Planning & Strategy

There are various kinds of people and organization. At Accretive, we deliver our service as per the need of our clients. We plan the suitable criteria for our client and implement it.

Direct & Develop

We direct the things on straight and to fastest way possible. We are sincere to the work we are doing for the appraisal of client. Our main focus is creating and developing a brand awareness, higher quality of sales, drive in-person sales, increase Return on investment, create a loyal fan base and of course better pulse on the industry.

Produce & Deliver

We produce different kinds of program with various interval of time. For our home production, we have been producing Quiz Mania and Public Speaker Nepal which are mainly based on developing the intelligence and skills of Nepalese Youth.

The track-record of our shows is such that not only we have produced our shows, we have built such a prestigious network of people and organization that we can deliver finest services to our client matching the perfect requirement for them.

A Media Agency Crafting Beautiful Experiences

With many years of experience and happy clients, we've built and produced thousands of media content in Nepal and many other parts of the world.

Growing Business? Let us worry about Branding & Promotion!

With popular nation-wide aired shows such as Quiz Mania and Public Speaker Nepal, Accretive Media has become the best choice for various media and branding related purposes and initiatives.

Not only that, but we have also been helping and serving many clients and partners with other important services.

Hundreds of clients love working with us.

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